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How to Register for a New Account

To register for a new account on the Cheadle Staffordshire website, you have to click Log In which is situated at the top of the Cheadle Staffordshire website. Once you’ve clicked on the login, a lightbox will appear and you will be able to see Create an Account. Once on the create an account page, you enter your email address and your name. An email will then be sent to you with your login credentials on. #You will then be able to login to the Cheadle Staffordshire website.

Using these credentials you will then be able to login to the Cheadle Staffordshire website.

How to Add a Business to the Cheadle Staffordshire Directory

To add a business to the Cheadle Staffordshire website you need to click on the top where your name is located in the navigation menu. Once clicked a drop down will then appear and you will have 3 options. ‘Add a Business’, ‘View Invoices’ and ‘Sign Out’. Click on Add a Business option.

Once you’re on this page, you have 2 pricing options. The Free Business listing and the Sponsored Business Listing. On the pricing table, you can compare and choose which package would best suit your needs.

Once you have chosen the package which best suits your business, scrolling down you will see where you have to enter in the details for your business. Fill all of the required details in, read and accept the terms and conditions and then click Review Your Listing.

This page will produce a preview of your business listing and what it will look like on the Cheadle Staffordshire website. If you are happy with the preview you can select publish. Your business will then be added to the Cheadle Staffordshire Business Directory.

From here, if you decide you want to upgrade your listing, as long as you are signed into the site and visit your listing page you will have an option to upgrade the listing on the right sidebar.

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