A Mobile Breast Screening Unit will be based in Cheadle for Six Months

The North Staffordshire Breast Screening Service will have a mobile unit based at Cheadle Hospital from April to September.

All eligible women registered with GPs from Cheadle, Endon and the surrounding areas are invited to attend their screening at the mobile unit.

The NHS Breast Screening Programme began in 1988 and invites all women aged 50 to 70 years for breast screening once every three years.

Breast Screening is currently participating in an age extension trial, which means that half the women aged between 47to 49 or 70 to 73 will also receive an invitation to attend breast screening.
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Any woman aged between 47 to 49 or 70 to 73 who has not been randomly selected can contact the service to request a screening. Women over the age of 70 are also entitled to receive breast screening every three years on request.

The Screening team can be contacted on 0300 123 1463 to make or change an appointment. For more information or to change an appointment online, visitwww.bscreen.org.uk/northstaffordshire

The Unit will be situated behind the hospital in the lower car park and free parking is provided.

Women from Allen Street Surgery, Alton Primary Care Centre, Well Street Medical Centre, The Surgery, Waterfall Lane, Waterhouse, The Tardis Surgery and Trinity Medical Centre GP practices will be invited to attend their screening at the mobile unit between April to September.

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