Bus Row Goes To Parliament

Cheadle MP, Sir William Cash has presented a petition in the House of Commons on behalf of local residents requesting that the No. 31 bus service to Cheadle from Hanley should not be withdrawn.

Sir Bill Cash said: “It is vital that I presented the petition on behalf of residents from Cheadle and the surrounding villages declaring that the No. 31 bus service to Cheadle from Hanley should not be withdrawn.

“Because of parliamentary petitions procedure, the House of Commons authorities now forward the petition to the Department for Transport for their initial consideration. In due course, an ‘observation’ on the petition will then be provided by the minister.

“All substantive petitions such as this should normally receive a response from the relevant government department and this should normally be within at least two months of the petition being presented.
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“The observation on the petition from the Government Department will be printed in Hansard.”

“I had already been in communication the Secretary of State for Transport, the bus company D&G and Staffordshire County Council to seek a resolution to the cancelling of the 31 bus route.”

“In my view, I simply do not want this service to be terminated as the bus service is crucial to my constituents, particularly the elderly community in Forsbrook, Meir, Blythe Bridge, and often for shopping and visiting the doctors, dentists or hospital in Cheadle.

“For many, this bus service is the only affordable way to get to work or for schoolchildren to get to school.

“It remains imperative that we must support the town and the transport of local residents to businesses in Cheadle itself and to Blythe Bridge, Forsbrook and Meir because it is local small companies, through the support of local bus services enabling residents to access local business, which will help generate local growth and a successful local economy.”


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