Calls For Action To Clean Up ‘Smelly and Dirty’ Public Toilets

Residents are demanding action to clean up ‘smelly and dirty’ town centre public toilets.

They want to see a full-time attendant at the council-run facilities on Cheadle’s Tape Street car park.

The calls are being made following complaints standards have slipped over the last year after the hours were reduced.

Issues include a lack of soap and loo roll, dirty sinks and floor and ‘temperamental’ taps.

Pensioner Neil Plant is one of those who wants to see improvements after becoming fed up with the ‘stench of urine’.

The 68-year-old retiree, from Cheadle, said: “Me and my wife use them two or three times a week. The toilet attendant comes first thing in the morning and then does a clean mid-morning before he leaves at around 10.30am. Nobody comes back to look after them after that apart from the man who locks them up at 5pm.

“It’s just the smell, it’s not nice. There’s urine on the floor and the sinks don’t get washed.

“There used to a full-time attendant and they were a lot cleaner then. I would like to see them staffed properly again.”

Neil’s wife Janita Plant agreed that standards had ‘dropped’.

The 67-year-old retiree said: “I go when I’m in town of an afternoon and sometimes there is no soap available and there is no water flowing in some of the sinks.

“There’s sometimes bits of paper strewn across the floor and you can see dirt in the corners.

“I don’t know if it’s a plumbing problem but it’s not the standard I would expect from a public toilet. I’ve used the loos in Tean and they were of a lovely standard.

“I would like to see an improvement in the maintenance and the only way to do that would be to employ someone full-time.”

Residents are complaining about the stench at Cheadle’s Tape Street car park

The issues was discussed at a meeting of Cheadle Town Council this week.

Councillor Gary Bentley said: “The main gripes are the smell of urine and the floor not being clean.

“I went myself last Monday at 9.30am and I noticed the stench and I looked at the floor and it hadn’t been mopped very well.

“It’s also off-putting for visitors to the town. Cheadle has been voted as one of the top 10 places to live and if you pay for a service you want it done correctly.

“Around £130,000 to £170,000 was spent on refurbishing the public toilets and it’s quite sad seeing them not being maintained like they should be.

“Uttoxeter has a lady who looks after the loos there and she plants flowers near them and maintains them to an excellent standard. That’s what we need in Cheadle, a bit of local pride.”

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council today insisted it monitors all the public toilets across the area to ensure they are up to scratch.

A spokesman said: “The council still provides toilet attendant provision at Tape Street and an attendant is based there during peak opening hours. The council monitors the cleanliness of its public conveniences and it is disappointed to hear of any reported drop in standards.

“We will monitor this site closely over the coming weeks to determine the exact level of service provided.”


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  1. Jane and Mark Spooner 05 Apr 17 at 6:38 pm

    My husband and I think the toilets in Cheadle are of a very acceptable standard, what do people expect of public toilets, they are much nicer than many we have been in, a pat on the back to who ever looks after them.

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