Cheadle Pubs Are Joining Forces With Police To Bar Crime From Their Venues

A new Pubwatch scheme has been set up, covering pubs in the town and surrounding villages.

Members can share information on troublemakers to prevent further incidents and meet regularly to discuss issues.

So far five premises have signed up to the scheme: The Queen’s Arms, Alton Castle, Grizzly’s Brewhouse, The Baker’s Arms and The Wheatsheaf. Other venues are also being invited to join.

Staffordshire Moorlands Local Team Police Sergeant Dave Stubbs said: “The pubs are working together – if you are banned from a pub, you are banned from them all.”

He told Cheadle Town Council members about the scheme during his policing report at last week’s meeting.

“Across the force, crime has gone up in every category; about 13.7 per cent across Staffordshire,” he said.

“The good news is Cheadle is one of the areas where crime has come down in cases of burglary, vehicle crime and residential burglary. We have had quite a substantial reduction.

“Shoplifting is down 23 per cent and there has been an increase in antisocial behaviour, but that is across the board.

“The area of concern is that there has been a substantial increase in violence; a lot of that is to do with the night-time economy, which we are looking at. We have recently set up the Pubwatch and we are getting new members showing an interest.

“There has been an increase in drugs in Cheadle around the licensed premises. There is a direct link between that drug use and the violence.

“As soon as things settle down and we are back to normal that will be one of my first priorities. We have been taken off normal duties to provide increased visibility.”

Councillors thanked local police for their work to reassure the community in the wake of recent acts of terrorism in Manchester and London.

Councillor Peter Elkin said: “I would like to say personal congratulations to you all. In these terrible times I realise how well we are supported. On behalf of the council, we very much appreciate it.”

Sergeant Stubbs also urged anyone keen to see a boost in neighbourhood policing to show their support as Staffordshire Police’s new chief constable Gareth Morgan took office this month.

“We have a new chief constable and he is quite a fan of neighbourhood policing.”

Sergeant Stubbs said. “There has been a big reduction in the Moorlands in neighbourhood policing – I have responsibility for the whole of the Moorlands now.

“If anyone is supportive of neighbourhood policing, it may be time to make representations. There will be some changes and hopefully neighbourhood policing will come back locally.

“Different bosses have different ideas and we only have so much money to play with.”


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