Driver, 24, Crashed Into Another Car After Police Abandoned High-Speed Pursuit

‘Foolish’ motorist James Baker managed to lose police during a high-speed pursuit before crashing into another car.

The 24-year-old failed to stop for police at 7.40am on March 30.

Officers followed but called off the chase due to the speed he was travelling at.

But North Staffordshire magistrates heard they received a call at 8.01am informing them that Baker had crashed into a Vauxhall Corsa and driven off.

Baker, of Harborne Crescent, Cheadle, pleaded guilty to driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence; using a vehicle without insurance; failing to stop after a road accident; and failing to stop when required by a police officer.

Lee Yates, mitigating, said the defendant made a foolish decision to drive the car. He added: “It is a classic example of someone making a mistake and compounding it in panic.

“He intends to become fully road legal before he drives in the future.”

Magistrates fined Baker £200 and ordered him to pay £135 costs and a £30 surcharge. They awarded him six penalty points which means he now has 12 points and banned him from driving for six months.


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