Plans To Build Mobile Phone Mast At Factory

Vodafone is planning on building a mast on the site of an engineering factory in Cheadle.

Clarke Telecom Limited, on behalf of Cornerstone Telecommunication Infrastructure Limited and Vodafone Limited, has applied to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council for the installation of a 20 metre (65.6 feet) monopole supporting three antennas, one 0.6 metre (1.9 feet) transmission dish, two equipment cabinets, one meter cabinet and ancillary development there to at Chell Engineering, Roebuck Works, Draycott Cross Road.

In pre-application letters from Jamaal Hafiz, town planner for Clarke Telecom, to Cheadle MP Sir Bill Cash and Cheadle Staffordshire county councillor Mark Deaville outlining the proposals, it states: “The site is required in to order to provide new 4G coverage for Vodafone. It will also improve the existing 2G and 3G services in the area.

“The new site will also enable Telefonica to provide 4G coverage and improved 2G/3G services.”
According to the letter, a number of options have been assessed in respect of the site search process.

But it is considered that the Chell Engineering location is the best option.

The letter adds: “The site has been chosen in this location as it is just outside the immediate town of Cheadle.

“The town is located to the east and the area is made up of partly residential and partly industrial sites.

“Therefore options for a telecommunications installation in this cell area are limited.

“The site is set well back from the main roads in and around Cheadle, nestled between a number of mature trees in close proximity.

“This mature vegetation provides good screening for the monopole and ground level equipment cabinets.

“The design of the monopole is such that the supporting structure is very slim.

“The three antennas are proposed to be fixed to the headframe.

“This is the minimum number possible to provide the operator with the necessary multi-technologies on a single site.

“Due to the undulating topography and mature trees surrounding the site, 20 metres is the lowest height possible in order for the antennas to provide the necessary multi-technologies to Cheadle and the surrounding area.

“If the antennas and transmission dish were to be any lower in height then they would not have a clear line of sight.

“As such, they would not provide coverage to the target coverage area.

“This means that another installation would be required in this cell area, leading to the proliferation of masts contrary to national planning guidance.

“A monopole with exposed headframe is the most efficient at providing 4G services and improved 2G and 3G coverage to the surrounding area.

“It will also reduce the amount of upgrades required in the future.

“If the antennas were to be shrouded in a more stealthy design, they would not provide the necessary coverage at this height, and a taller mast would be required, or the cell split, requiring two radio base stations to meet the operator’s coverage requirements in this area.

“There are no existing suitable and available installations within the operators search area which could be utilised to provide new 4G and improved 2G and 3G services to this part of Cheadle and the surrounding area.

“In line with Best Practice principles we have shared these details with the local ward councillors, the local county councillor, planning officers and the local parish council.”

The plans came before Cheadle Town council during its monthly full council meeting on Monday, February 20, and the council did not issue any objections.


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