Plans To Slash Speed Limit On Deadly Road

Staffordshire Highways Listens To Residents’ Pleas
Plans To Slash Speed Limit On Deadly Road

TENTATIVE plans to slash the speed limit on one of the Moorlands’ most deadly roads have been announced. The A522, Leek Road, has developed a notorious reputation locally owing to the dozens of collisions to have occurred between the JCB factory site in Cheadle and the crossroads at Cellarhead. Statistics released by Staffordshire Police in the summer of 2014 revealed that in a period of just three years 36 road traffic collisions had been reported to police after having taken place along this stretch of the A522. Three of these resulted in fatal injuries.

Almost three years on and reports of accidents in this vicinity continue to roll in. Joseph Bradbury, a resident of Kingsley Moor told the Times and Echo: “We demand that councillors add their weight and funds behind proposed plans for safety road measures on this notoriously dangerous road from Cellerhead to Cheadle. “This is a major link road which Cheadle residents use every day and it can no longer be ignored. “It has claimed local lives and could have claimed far more had the road side been walls rather than hedge. “Speeding takes place every hour of every day on this road, a road that despite its winding dangers seems to be put out of mind when it comes to council priorities.

“Cheadle services are called on to respond to the almost weekly accidents and emergencies, is it not right we off set this massive cost with the practical safety plan proposed by councillor Mark Deaville? “We have had road closed, helicopter air lifts police ambulance and fire engines called out, do we ever count this cost let alone the painful loss of lives? “We have a plan now finally after 20 years so let’s get the plan implemented.” Mark Deaville, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways at Staffordshire County Council commented: “Keeping our roads safe continues to be our top priority and our roads remain amongst the safest in the country.

“The A522/A52 Cheadle to Cellarhead route is a busy road and following concerns from local residents and the parish council about speeding we plan to replace the existing national speed limit, from the JCB factory on Leek Road to the Cellarhead crossroads, with lower speed restrictions. “Once the required funding is in place, we will carry out the necessary consultation on the proposals.”
News From: Times & Echo

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  1. ME 16 Apr 18 at 12:45 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Seems my last comment has been removed. Speed limits now reduced and one accident, ironically into the new 40MPH sign. Well, if you ever needed proof that it wouldn’t work…

  2. Me 23 Mar 18 at 1:25 pm

    This will do nothing to reduce the amount of accidents. I drive along this stretch of road twice a day and you’d be lucky to do 60 mph! Most of the inept drivers already do 40/50 anyway, so reducing the speed limit won’t make one iota difference.

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