Port Vale Closer to sale

Port Vale have been at the epicentre of a bitter standoff between fans and current owner Norman Smurthwaite.

The Valiants sit at 19th in the current league two table and Following protests from fans since January, Smurthwaite last month contacted BBC Radio stoke in a seemingly unhinged rant blaming the fan led group “Black and Gold” and Supporters club chairman Mark Porter for lost revenue and bringing a fight he had not asked for.

Smurthwaite claimed he would cease paying into the club come the 5 th of May. One day after the Valiants final game, effectively forcing the club into administration.

The heated phone call saw fans from across the city be they Stoke City or Port Vale standing side by side in disgust. Social media was awash with opinions of all degrees, but all condemning the current sole owner of the club.

Despite decent offers being turned down from local business owners Carol and Kevin Shanahan of Synectics Solutions on no less than 3 occasions, On the 2 April news has emerged that Port Vale and the Shanahan’s are closer to an agreement than they once were for both the club and the ground, which were separated by Smurthwaite in February.

A confidentiality and exclusivity agreement has now been entered with the potential buyers, following a more expansive amount of dialog between the parties.

Mark Porter announced on Twitter that the Supporters club would cease protesting to give any deal the best possible chance of success, however boycott of the kiosks at home matches along with withholding season ticket money until the sale of the club is still in full swing.

He added “The protest has been peaceful and we thank the fans for that. Please be assured suspension is in place to help negotiations”.

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