Speed Limit ‘Should Be No More Than 40’ Say Cheadle Leaders

COMMUNITY leaders are requesting that a proposed speed reduction being made on a main road into their town be reduced further.

Staffordshire County Council has announced proposals to reduce the speed limit on the A522/A52 Cheadle to Cellarhead road.

It comes after dozens of serious road traffic collisions and accidents on the highway over the years, many of which have resulted in fatalities.

At present the road has a national speed limit of 60mph, and it is hoped to reduce this to 40mph or 50mph.

The proposal comes a year after highways officials vowed to take on board recommendations to improve the road following a road safety report.

At a recent meeting Cheadle Town Council discussed the proposals and members agreed that the speed limit should be no more than 40mph and not 50mph as suggested.

They felt that making the speed limit a blanket 40mph would help to reduce the risk of speeding.

The road has already seen some improvements made including having £120,000 spent on improving a crash-plagued junction. The improvements took place in 2009 at the junction on the A52, Richmoor Hill, near Dilhorne, near Cellarhead.

They consisted of a new illuminated crossroads sign and triangular warning signs on each approach, which flash warnings of a junction and ‘Slow Down’ when drivers are above 40mph.

They also included the introduction of a one-way system, with cars only being able to cross the junction from Dilhorne to Wetley Rocks.

James Bailey, Head of Highways at Staffordshire County Council said: “Keeping our roads safe remains a priority for the County Council and our roads remain among the safest in the country.

“We do listen to community concerns about road safety and will take action when necessary to mitigate these concerns wherever possible.

“These measures could range from engineering works to reduce speeds, such as new road signs and speed limits, to the promotion of safe driving practices.

“The actual proposed speed limit reductions we are looking at have been designed in accordance with national guidance which aims to encourage drivers to drive at an appropriate speed.”


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