Staffordshire County Council Elections 2017 The Results In Full

The Conservatives have increased their control of Staffordshire County Council following a landslide election victory.

Labour suffered defeats across the county, with a number of high profile councillors losing their seats.

The dominant Tories now hold 51 of the authority’s 62 seats, up from 34. Labour have just 10 seats, including three in Newcastle borough, with one independent.

Ukip’s vote collapsed, much as it did across England and Wales, with the party losing its one seat in Staffordshire. The Conservatives were the main beneficiaries, scoring a series of marginal victories thanks to swings from the anti-EU party.

Veteran Labour councillors Sandra Hambleton and Mark Olszewski were among those to lose their seats, although group leader Susan Woodward and her deputy Charlotte Atkins were both re-elected.

Notable Conservative winners included Gill Burnett in Kidsgrove and John Cooper and Bradwell, Porthill and Wolstanton.

Tory Keith Flunder won a three-way tussle in Biddulph South and Endon, finishing ahead of Lib Dem Henry Jebb and Kevin Jackson of Labour.

The only loss for the Conservatives came in Stone Urban, where independent Jill Hood took the seat from Philip Jones.

The results in full:

Audley and Chesterton
Mark Barlow Ukip 365
Ann Beech* Lab 1,245
David Cooper Con 873
Ian Wilkes Lib Dem 748
Turnout 28% LAB HOLD
Bradwell, Porthill and Wolstanton
John Cooper Con 1,552
Sandra Hambleton* Lab 1,506
Richard Virr Lib Dem 136
Turnout 28.5% CON GAIN
Keele, Knutton and Silverdale Last won by Ukip
James Borg Lib Dem 112
Neil Farrow Ukip 222
Mark Holland Con 502
Dave Jones Lab 965
Gordon Pearson Green 53
Turnout 25.7% LAB GAIN
Kidsgrove Last won by Labour
Margaret Astle* Ind 570
Gill Burnett Con 1,057
Laura Dillon Lab 967
Geoffrey Locke Ukip 447
Turnout 27.6% CON GAIN
May Bank and Cross Heath
Lynn Dean Ukip 297
Trevor Johnson Con 1,608
Mark Olszewski* Lab 1,475
Andrew Wemyss Lib Dem 149
Turnout 32% CON GAIN
Newcastle Rural Last won by Con
Gordon Davies Ukip 210
Matthew Ephinstone-Walker Lib Dem 649
Paul Northcott Con 2,359
Turnout 32% CON HOLD
Newcastle South
Gary Fedtschyschak Ukip 255
Stephen Sweeney* Con 1,859
Joseph Talbot Green 90
Richard Whelan Lib Dem 143
Ruth Wright Lab 1,306
Turnout 34.5% CON HOLD
Talke and Red Street Last won by Lab
Ben Ireland Lib Dem 137
Kyle Robinson Lab 1,793
Jill Waring Con 1,042
Raymond Williams Ukip 274
Turnout 28.8% LAB HOLD
Westlands and Thistleberry
Maria Foy Ukip 158
Marion Reddish Lib Dem 963
Simon Tagg* Con 1,998
Jade Taylor-Cashmore Green 84
Imogen Wilkes Lab 653
Turnout 39.3% CON HOLD
Biddulph North
Ian Lawson* 1,808 Con
Danielle Spooner 168 Lib Dem
Christopher Wood 1,111 Lab
Turnout per cent 30%
Biddulph South and Endon
Keith Flunder Con 1,247
Kevin Jackson* Lab 1,037
Henry Jebb Lib Dem 1,139
Caverswall Last won by Ind
Julie Bull Ind 356
Jocelyn Morrison Lab 570
Christoper Simpkins Lib Dem 119
Ross Ward Con 2,252
Turnout 30%
Cheadle and Checkley
Mark Deaville* Con 1,815
James Firkins Green 71
Judy Gregg Lib Dem 121
John Palfreyman Lab 691
Peter Wilkinson Ukip 518
Turnout per cent
Churnet Valley
Ahmad Fooz Lab 688
Paul Fenton Green 139
Keith Harvey Ind 115
Geoff Preston Lib Dem 224
Ian Whitehouse Ind 401
Mike Worthington* Con 1,939
Turnout 30%
Leek Rural
Philip Barks Lab 1,020
Wendy Bohme Green 165
Roy Gregg Lib Dem 180
Gill Heath* Con 2,441
Linda Malyon Ind 441
Turnout 36%
Leek South
Charlotte Atkins* Lab 2,204
Lee Jagger Lib Dem 182
Mike Jones Green 155
Gail Lockett Con 1,465
Turnout 35%
Kathryn Elphick Green 235
Catherine Gregory Lab 562
Jeremy Pert Con 2,642
Edward Whitfield Ukip 175
Gnosall & Doxey
Rowan Draper Lab 845
Tony Pearce Green 451
Mark Winnington* Con 3,065
Stafford Central
Maureen Compton* Lab 1,451
Sharon Hollinshead Green 149
Mary Jennings Con 1165
Richard Kemp Lib Dem 187
Paul Williams Ukip 187
Turnout per cent
Stafford North Last won by Lab (Hollinshead defected)
Ian Hollinshead* Green 524
Jonathan Price Con 1,417
Geoff Small Stafford Hospital Referendum 322
Raymond Smith Ukip 164
Julian Thorley Lab 1,023
Turnout per cent
Stafford South East
Andrew Cliff Lib Dem 304
Ann Edgeller Con 2,532
Louise Nixon Lab 1,045
Mike Shone Green 125
William Stanfield Ukip 163
Stafford Trent Valley
Trevor Fisher Lab 702
John Francis Con 2,573
John Mosley Ukip 241
Mark Oliver Green 340
Stafford West
Toby Hollinshead Green 189
Trish Rowlands* Lab 1,463
Ellis Stones Ukip 206
Carolyn Trowbridge Con 1,635
Turnout per cent
Stone Rural
Mark Green N/A 273
Pete Latham Green 248
Ian Parry* Con 2,546
Richard Sidley Lab 679
Stone Urban
Andrew Church Lab 550
Thomas Harris Green 98
Jill Hood N/A 1,694
Andrew Illsley Ukip 227
Philip Jones* Con 1,333


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