Tean Post Office location and increased hours for village facility

12 months ago Tean Post Office was threatened with permanent closure, the village Post Office is set to operate full time opening hours from the new location, thanks to the owner of Tean Pharmacy Yasir Harfat who applied to take over as village Post Master in November. If successful the chemists shop at 19 High Street, will relocate the Post Office facility from its existing base within the Newrose newsagents to the pharmacy premises.

Mr Harfat Quotes “As far as I know we were the only ones to tender for it and we have now been accepted in principal, subject to the public consultation. “We really didn’t want to lose the Post Office and we are sure that no-one else in the village wanted that to happen either. “The people we’ve spoken to about it seem quite relieved that the Post Office will be here to stay and extended opening hours should be more convenient for residents. “We currently employ five people here at the pharmacy but hopefully taking on the Post Office will enable us to offer more jobs to local people.”

A six week public consultation is currently underway to give residents the opportunity to have their say on plan to move the facilitys. The proposed new location for the branch is just 50 metres away from the present Tean Post Office at 31 High Street. Should the plans go ahead, the branch would open six days a week from 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday and gam – ipm on Saturday. This would offer an extra 23 and a half hours of extra Post Office services a week in comparison to the current branch. During the public consultation, Post Office Ltd welcomes feedback on any issues customers would like considered before a final decision is taken on this proposal.

The consultation will close on 15th February 2017. Submissions can be made during the consultation by Freepost YOUR COMMENTS to Post Office Ltd, via email to comments@postoffice.co.uk, via the Customer Helpline on 03457 22 33 44 or Textphone 03457 22 33 55. Customers can share their views online through the quick and easy questionnaire at postofficeviews.co.uk with the branch code 259238. It is anticipated that the Post Office will begin operating from Tean Pharmacy in early March.


  1. Chris Salt 14 Jan 17 at 9:43 am

    Tean needs a regular post office timetable. Not everyone can just nip into Cheadle for their needs. Thank goodness that someone has seen sense at last. If my experience with the pharmacy is anything to go by, then we have pleasant staff waiting to attend to you. Go for it guys and good luck.

  2. Anne Reis 13 Jan 17 at 9:51 pm

    Fantastic News! It will save having to rush out to Cheadle on the days we get caught out! A thriving village needs to have a working post office that’s open all hours.

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