We Want Your View On Live Web Cams Throughout Cheadle

We Want Your View On Live Web Cams Throughout Cheadle

We (www.cheadlestaffordshire.co.uk) have recently submitted an application to add 4 live web cams throughout the town centre so viewers of our website, whether residents or visitors can view the cameras 24 hours a day. We submitted the application to Cheadle Town Council to install the first of 4 cameras at the Council offices looking towards the war memorial with the playing fields in the background. Many other councils and websites offer this feature and we want to bring it to all viewers of our website – www.cheadlestaffordshire.co.uk

We want your views and thoughts regarding this, does Cheadle need to be brought into the 21st century with live web cams on the local website?

The local newspaper Cheadle and Tean Times have reported:

BIG brother could soon be watching over us if an application to install a series of live web cameras at locations in the town centre is approved. UR Media Ltd, the company responsible for maintaining the Cheadle Staffordshire website (www.cheadlestaffordshire.co.uk ), has applied to introduce live web camera streams at four sites within the town to broadcast on the website. If approved these live web cameras would be available for any member of the public to view simply by going onto the website and clicking on the Live Web Camera link. UR Media Ltd intend to install approximately four cameras throughout Cheadle, the first of which they wish to install at the Cheadle Town Council Offices located on Tean Road, Cheadle and have it pointing towards the War Memorial with the football pitch in the background. Responding with caution to the proposed scheme Councillor Julie Bull commented: “I wouldn’t have a problem with the town council recording images of people on the rec for safety/security reasons the only thing I am taking issue with is the fact that the footage will be broadcast to anyone and everyone online without any restriction. “I am fearful for the safety of children in the town, if someone unscrupulous wants to find out where youngsters congregate. I am opposed to it at the moment but if I can be persuaded that the town would be happy with this then I would be more than happy to support it. I would like some feedback from the public.” However, Councillor Ian Whitehouse felt the cameras could make a positive addition to the town: “1 fully agree with the cameras and think this is a good idea. “Some concerns have been raised over the children being filmed but if my grandchildren were at the rec I would be much happier to be able to see them, to know they’re safe and to know who is there. “These web cameras are a commonplace thing these days and I think if people can see the town centre it could have lots of benefits. “I could help show visitors how nice the town while also acting as a deterrent for anti-social behaviour.” It was resolved to take advice from the police before the next meeting when the matter will be debated further.

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